ARTiculations Art Education Blog

Published December 12, 2014 By Julie Talley

Summer is always a time to take a break and relax, but this summer the AMoA Education Staff has been hard at work to refresh our programming.  We are proud of the work that we have done the past several years and would like to thank all the teachers and administrators that have allowed us to work with you.  It’s always a pleasure to be in your school, in your classroom and in your curriculum.  We know it isn’t easy to find time for the ‘extras’ and we appreciate the effort.

That said, we think we can do better.  We want to make AMoA a rich educational resource by improving communication, increasing curriculum resources and facilitating the exchange of ideas.   While those are big concepts, we hope to start small…with a blog.  This will be a collection of interesting information on AMoA exhibitions, upcoming events and new ideas in art education.

What better way to improve communication than to share our latest news and ideas?  Check back soon and often to see what we have created for YOU, our partner in enriching the lives of panhandle children.

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