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AMoA offers a variety of tours to accommodate your specific needs.

Planning your Visit
AMoA Tours aim to inspire curiosity and foster lifelong relationships between students and art through interactive, inquiry based explorations of art.

Reservations are required for all group visits, even self-led tours. Contact Deana Craighead to reserve your visit: 806-371-5052 or

Please plan ahead. Tours range in duration from 30 to 90 minutes and groups of 10 or more, whether lead by a Museum docent/staff or self-guided by a teacher, must contact the Museum to arrange the visit. Groups without advance reservations cannot be assured that the museum will be able to accommodate them. All visits must be reserved at least 2 weeks in advance.

All AMoA Education Department programs are designed to correlate with the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS). AMoA programs also utilize Visual Thinking Strategies (VTS) to establish a more meaningful experience that will benefit students after their visit is concluded.
For more information on VTS techniques or TEKS correlations, contact the Education Department at 371-5050.

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Types of Programming

Standard Tour, $1.50 per student
Bring art to life for your students. Docents will lead your class on an adventure through art and history as they view travelling and permanent exhibitions. With many exhibitions changing every 6-8 weeks, there is always something new to see at AMoA!

Enhanced Tour, $2.75 per student
This program gives students a multidimensional museum experience. Students will view AMoA's exhibitions as well as experience a hands-on art activity. Docents will lead students through exhibitions, explaining artists and their works while engaging students in a discussion of the art. The hands-on art activity will help the students better understand the art they have seen during the tour. By allowing your students the materials, training and tools to be creative, they will gain a stronger understanding of what it takes to produce art and think critically about different art forms.

Group Size
AMoA welcomes all groups and has adopted policies to ensure that all visitors, whether individuals or members of groups, can engage in and enjoy the museums unique and irreplaceable works of art.

Due to the limited space in our galleries and the fragile nature of the artwork, we cannot provide a safe or meaningful experience for groups larger than 100

Large groups will be broken down into smaller groups and rotate between galleries.

Adult chaperones are responsible for student conduct and adherence to the rules for proper behavior in the museum galleries. Chaperones must remain with their groups at all times. One adult chaperone for every 20 students is required. Please review Gold and Gray Rules prior to visit.

We ask that all groups enter the museum on the first floor through the doors on Van Buren Street.

AMoA has 2 reserved parking spaces for museum visitors in the parking lot east of the museum across Van Buren Street. In the event those reserved spaces are occupied, there is no permitting requirement for parking on the Amarillo College campus.

Buses can unload passengers on Van Buren Street and then find parking in the parking lot east of the museum.

Visitors with Disabilities
When making a reservation, please indicate your need for any specialized information or assistance for your group. The museum is wheelchair accessible.



How to Behave in an Art Museum
The Gold & Gray Rules

Whether you're a first-time visitor or a life-long member of the AMoA, there are a few things you need to know about a visit to the museum.

Please Don't Touch
Enjoy with your eyes, not with your hands. Even the lightest touch can damage a work of art.  Objects may be placed on pedestals or behind Plexiglas or ropes. Please keep a safe distance from these objects as well. (Three feet is a good rule of thumb.)  So please do not touch the art. Your great-great-grandchildren will thank you.


Safety First
Large groups may be divided for ease of movement through the galleries.  Please stay with your designated group for the duration of your stay.  For your safety, and the safety of the artwork, running is not permitted in the galleries.  


Photograph with Care
Photography for personal, noncommercial use is permitted in the museum’s 3rd floor galleries and all public spaces. Inquire about photography guidelines for special exhibitions upon arrival at AMoA. Please remember to turn off the flash, stash the tripod, and be aware of other visitors around you.


Sketch with Pencils
Teachers are encouraged to create an assignment to coordinate with their class visit to the museum.  Pencils and sketchpads are allowed in the galleries and a limited number of clipboards are available by reservation. Colored pencils and ink pens are prohibited.  For assistance with assignments contact AMoA’s Education Department at (806) 371-5050.


Stow Your Bags & Packages
Bags, packages and coats are not allowed in the galleries and can be left at the security desk on the second floor.


Talk About It
We encourage dialogue in the galleries, but please be courteous to others. If you need to talk on your cell phone, limit conversations to lobby areas. Follow AMoA on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to tell us what you think and stay informed about the museum's event and exhibitions.


Don't Eat or Drink in the Galleries
Food, gum and beverages are not allowed in the galleries.  Smoking is not permitted in any part of the museum.


Accessible to All
The AMoA welcomes all visitors and we strive to be accessible to everyone.  For questions regarding accessibility, call the offices at (806) 371-5050.


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